Drawn in Stereo book fly by.

Available worldwide through AMMO books. I'm very excited to share it.


Earlier this year I spent a lot of time finishing up a retrospective book:

I started pitching the idea 7 years ago, and really it took that long to make it work.

The book process took many turns and I'm incredibly grateful to have had the support of an encouraging group of people without whom it would have faltered.
Jeanette Abbink at Rational Beauty did a stellar job of supporting the project, and ultimately, designing the book to the nth detail. I first met her in the early noughts when she was the Art Director of Dwell. She's one of those people who can't help but give 100% and I'm blessed to have had the benefits of her generous might!

 The bulk of the written content comes from a conversation between me and Justine Frischmann. I first met her in 1994 when she was the singer in Elastica, situated right at the epicenter of Britpop London. 20 years on she also lives in Northern California and I got back in touch a while ago. She very graciously and gracefully brought out my story.
Finally, Fred Deakin: former head honcho of design group Airside and pop group Lemon Jelly wrote a blush worthy foreword.

I'm really excited at the end product and I hope folks dig it.

The book is published by the fine folk of AMMO in Los Angeles, OUT NOW .

You can check it out at the Drawn In Stereo site HERE.